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With consumerism on the rise along with the population it has become necessary for us to become conscious of our consumption habits urgently to save our planet. If we want to leave this world a little better than it is right now to our future generations we sure have to act fast. Ex: As the clothing produced by natural fiber is not enough for the current demand and is not fashionable enough we are producing cheap synthetic fabrics dyed with synthetic colors which in turn are polluting our environment and are not exactly healthy option to use.

The sole purpose of the website is to encourage eco-friendly / responsible living. It is for those who want to find eco friendly alternatives to widely used conventional methods or products. We can help each other to make changes to our lifestyle and be responsible for ourselves and our future generations.

Alivegreen.in will have information on where to find eco friendly products in India –we want to grow our database as much as possible. Blogs feature articles and inspiring stories that mainly focus on issues at hand on eco-friendly living. Discussion forum facilitates discussion on topics related to eco friendly living ex: tips exchanged on natural and healthy lifestyle.

Eco Friendly Living


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