Light and Airy notes with cantilevered stairs and skylight

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When a well-travelled couple decided to move back from Europe to India, they wanted to revamp their traditional 1970s home in Tiruvanmiyur. Their needs were two-fold: first to expand the space to give them two extra bedrooms; and second, to create a space that would reflect the couple's new global tastes and yet ensure that the modern merged harmoniously with the old.

           The architects gave them two new bathroms with attached baths on the terrace and created a large kitchen on the groundfloor. On the terrace the rooms were built using lightweight brick columns and insulating hollow clay blocks with glass-wool stuffing.

           The roof was covered on top with waterproofing, rigid XPS insulation and heat reflective tiles. In addition, UPVC windows with double glazing further protects the house from heat and noise. The system has helped the couple cut down heat ingress by more than 50 percent over conventional constructions.

            The new bedrooms are accessed via a well-lit glazed foyer that provides the connecting link between the 'old' and the 'new'. A cantilevered, lightweight metal staircase leads up to the terrace from the foyer. The frosted glass on the foyer wall brings in the light but maintains privacy. A clear glass skylight gives the family a brilliant view of the night sky right at home.

        Custom-designed grillwork was erected to create interesting shadows and give a new identity to the new wing that yet does not clash with the old . The bedrooms are large and spacious, with frosted glass doors, white walls and blue furnishing to give them that cool, Mediterranean touch.

Anupama, M. (2013, February 16). Light and airy notes with cantilevered stairs and skylight. The Hindu, Property Plus Edition, Spaces Column, pp 2




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