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Being a practitioner of Alternative therapies 90% of my client visit me with some or other pain and most of them very innocently ask me, why? what could be the reason for this pain and I smile because in most of the cases the sufferer himself/herself is responsible for that condition.

Today in this article I am trying to put some light on why pain? Though there are many varieties of pain and many reasons but here I will explain about pain due to Misalignment of the skeletal structure caused by muscle imbalance.

Good posture is essential to a healthy, functioning, pain-free body. Most of your pain is caused by poor posture. You are in pain because you are misaligned or crooked. Even if you think you have good posture, you probably donʼt. Many misalignments are not obvious to the common man but a trained practitioner can find out.

Sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, low back pain, most headaches and neck pain-They occur in different parts of the body and involve different musculoskeletal structures but if you step back and look at the body as a whole, you will notice the common element. This element is called muscle imbalance. This simply means that some muscles are too short and some muscles are too long. Both muscles will feel tight. The short muscle is contracted and tight while the long muscle is like an overstretched rubber band – too long and very tight.

Since every muscle is attached to a bone, these muscle imbalances pull the bones out of alignment. Misalignment of the skeletal structure caused by muscle imbalance can cause compressions of the nerves, discs and other structures in the body. It can also cause the fascia to be twisted. These twists, compressions and tight muscles ultimately lead to less oxygen in the tissues at those areas. The medical term for this condition is ischemia, which means that there is not an adequate supply of blood getting to the tissues. As a result, the tissue is not getting enough oxygen. It is the lack of oxygen that is actually causing a lot of the pain.

When you go to a doctor, you could be diagnosed with any one of hundreds of conditions. In Western model of medicine, standard treatment for conditions like sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, low back pain, most headaches and neck pain involves treating the symptoms, typically with a pain killer or an anti-inflammatory drug. Seldom does treatment address the cause.

Solution through alternate therapies- Tui na , Toksen ,Thai yoga therapy, Cupping, Shiatsu………….

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