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Pediatric Reflexology

When we talk about stress relief one word definitely strikes that’s massage . it may be reflexology or full body massage or some other form of manipulation. In my clinic mostly IT professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives keep coming for stress relief but a very few parents bring their children for reflexology or head massage. Did you ever think that your child also needs relaxation?

Call it pressure. Call it great expectations. Whatever its name the result is the same: school stress.

"Kids are put in a position of feeling they just must not stop. They are not given a sense of support. They are put in an environment where they are not accepted for themselves but only for what they are going to achieve. All this builds stress."

In all the major theories of learning, there is stress. But if stress is really interfering with development, that is a problem. Sometimes with too much stress kids get immobilized.

Parents are too often very preoccupied with seeing their children succeed and intolerant of anything other than excellence. They almost ignore the effects of stress.

Fears and nightmares, Negativism and lying, Withdrawal, regressive behavior, or excessive shyness are few signs and symptoms of school stress.

There have been drastic advances in technology and electronics in the last decade with a drastic decline in the rate of physical activity in children, as did the rate of recreational and extracurricular activities. This is leading to further stress among children.

If you want your child to cope up with stress and anxiety and prevent them from the effects of stress, you can always think of one or two sessions of reflexology or massage in a month. That’s the best thing you can gift your child as I have seen kids relaxing and enjoying and sometimes even sleeping during a reflexology session in my clinic.

By introducing these kind of alternative therapies to your kid at early age you are also creating awareness and sense of responsibility towards wellness among them. With the help of complimentary therapies you can prevent your child from many illnesses and avoid many chemical drugs and their side effects.

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