What is Acupuncture

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 It is quite common these days to hear about people turning to acupuncture as a last resort for relief from chronic health problems. Because of the positive results the science is accepted worldwide and public demand is strong and growing. The way acupuncture works neurologically is also rapidly becoming apparent, speeding up to its acceptance into traditional medicine.

               Although most people believe that acupuncture encompasses a homogenous body of knowledge and methods of practices in reality, the theory and practice of acupuncture varies from country to country, school to school and practitioner to practitioner. Acupuncture originated in china 4000 years ago and has spread all over the world, initially from China to Japan and Korea and more recently to the west and many other countries including India. There are many revisions, modifications, expansions and adaptations of the techniques. Compared with other forms of treatment such as allopathic medicine or homeopathy the differences and the lack of uniformity is huge.

              I firmly believe that energy balance, as defined by the original scholars of Chinese Medicine, is fundamental to the understanding of the healthy and diseased states of the body, and that correcting the imbalances in the energy flow is the very essence of acupuncture. Though many practitioners use acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine, I believe that acupuncture must be a very individualised form of treatment that is specifically tailored for a patient. The principle of energy balancing have to be applied to the unique characteristics of the patient, which includes –clinical presentation, appearance, associated symptoms, diagnosis through clinical examinations, emotional character and general likes and dislikes.

                Acupuncture involves empiricism, analysis and intuition. The most effective point combinations are created when each of the three faculties- empiricism, analysis and intuition- are well developed and in balance with each other. The approach should be holistic, including changes in lifestyle and diet and other psychological interventions. In order to treat imbalanced states of energy effectively and produce long- lasting results, it is necessary to educate our patients and motivate them to participate in their treatment. It is ,my firm belief that the patient should take responsibility for his/ her energy imbalanced states( or diseases) and work together with therapists to correct these.

           The wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine teaches us to : adapt our diet and lifestyle to the changing seasons; practise moderation and avoid excesses.

               Though the science is very popular, many people still frequently ask What is acupuncture and does it hurt? Are there any side effects? How does it work? Etc,.

              Acupuncture is performed by stimulating designated points on the body- through the insertion of needles. This is a network of energy called “chi” or “Qi” that flows through the body and connects acupuncture points through different channels called meridians. These channels are related to specific internal functions, and any imbalance in the flow of energy will cause a disease process. Any imbalance of energy detected through comprehensive assessments is then corrected by the application of acupuncture at carefully selected points. This restores the body to normal health. The very thin sterile needles are inserted and are rarely painful.

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