Most small holding farmers are invisible and inaccessible to the consumers of their products. This puts them at the mercy of extremely unfair markets – ones that fail to provide them the most basic income needed to sustain their lives.

As a result, the hard-working people who feed and sustain India are tragically taking their own lives: victims of forces beyond their control.

A grim consequence of this situation is that agriculture is increasingly being taken over by large corporations, leading to a complete stranglehold of our country’s food supply. Our food sovereignty and security is rapidly vanishing. We increasingly consume products dictated by a handful of powerful multinational corporations.

As consumers, we never know who has grown our food, the lives they live, and the challenges they face. As large food companies take over the job of supplying our food to us, we are increasingly disconnected from the very people who grow our food. Our food sovereignty is fast disappearing. We eat more and more "poisoned" food. Crops that were grown with toxic chemicals, and processed with even more toxic preservatives. The food we buy is optimised for profit, and for a long shelf life: NOT the health and well being of our family and loved ones.

Our goal at Daana is to liberate ourselves from this dehumanised and insensitive form of consumption and go back to a system where we connect with our food, our farmers, and thus have more choices and control of what we eat.

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