Navadarshanam is the collective effort of a group of concerned professionals who after a decade of study, introspection and dialogue, had come to realize that:

People all over the world today are caught in the dangerous, swirling, currents of the materialistic, urban industrial way of life.
alienation of the individual from self, nature, and the Creative Power is going hand in hand with societal disintegration and ecological destruction.
This Trust was formed in 1990 to provide faciilites and a forum to come out of this cycle of disintegration and alientation by changing our thinking , actions and lifestyle.

Our Home
An expanse of 110 acres of hily land bordering the Thally reserve forest, 50 km south of Bangalore along the TN-Karnataka border, provides a serene and inspiring setting for pursuing the aims of the Trust. Thirty-five acres were bought with Trust funds and the remaining by individuals who share the Trust's vision and aims

Our Aims
Rediscovering our relationship with the creation and the Creative Power.
Exploring and adopting holistic and natural ways of fulfiling our outer and inner needs.
Striving towards the transformation of self by reaching out to that Creative Energy which gives rise to all physical and mental phenomena.
Giving up a path of development which fans consumerism, profiteering and growth measured purely in material terms.

Products & Services

4/70 Ganganahally hamlet Gumalapuram village, Thally block, 635118

Krishnagiri District,Tamil Nadu,India

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